Champignonovo is our mushroom world!
Company Master Grib presents the brand name Champignonovo
Andrei Dakhnovich, founder and co-owner of Master Grib LLC and co-owner, development director of the Foodland Group of Companies
Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen,

colleagues and partners!

We launched the champignon growing complex Master Grib, which was established by me and my brother Alexey. We have been in the food business for a quarter of a century. We have had the experience of building both production facilities and establishing a system for distributing products throughout Russia.

For my brother and I, the mushroom project is, first of all, a family business in which we are seeking to fulfill our ambitions. At the same time, stable efficient production for us is not just business, not just a potential income, but also the opportunity to get satisfaction from the process of creation, because it is amazing when actual waste products, such as chicken manure and straw, give life and strength to the growing mushroom. This is an opportunity to leave behind something that is going to function for many more years to come, because we fundamentally address everything we do.

Our goal is to build a production that, even by the standards of Dutch business, is a large and a high-tech one and try to enter foreign markets in the future, pushing traditional suppliers out, gaining the confidence of buyers in the quality of the products produced.

I believe that the tasks assigned to the company are serious and interesting. Finding the solutions will allow us to become one of the leaders of the local mushroom business. We plan to have a sales share in the Russian market of at least 15% of the total champignon consumption in our country. This is a serious task, since over the past three years large mushroom projects have been built and launched in Russia, a number of which are under development. We have an adequate attitude towards the competition, and we believe that the strongest should always win.

My brother and I are highly interested in business, and, first of all, in the production, we treat it as an integral part of our life and are so much grateful for this.

Mission of the copmany
Is the production of high-quality delicious champignons for cooking various dishes, allowing you to eat tasty, diverse food that brings you health benefits.

• Quality
• Naturalness
• Processability
• Reliability
• Responsibility
• Openness
• Care
• Kindness
• Love
• Aesthetics
• Humour
Our products
Fresh chilled champignon mushrooms
Champignons of size:
Plastic punnets weighing (g)
stretch film,
sealing with film

Plastic boxes
3 kg
Shelf life of our products is


thanks to modern Dutch shock cooling technology
Production process
Our production
Phone: +7 (484) 344-82-90


Human Resources:
+7 (980) 512-10-50

Material-technical supply:
+7 (916) 693-85-78

Master Grib LLC

249844, Kaluga region, Dzerzhinsky district,

Starki village, building 101

Our Office in Moscow

Moscow, Kulikovskaya St. 12, office 532А